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Worldwide Media Coverage of the Latvian SS Veterans March in Riga, Latvia, March 16, 2012

'Never before in the history of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few'. Churchill 13.05.1945-  It seems many EU and NATO countries have forgotten this sacrifice, for if they haven't, why are SS veterans glorified in Latvia today?
A Selection of Sources

           Recent Media Oct 2012 (3 sources)

Media List compiled by World Without Nazism and Monica Lowenberg

Edited by Sarah Cochrane and Emma Stock


You can add your voice to the petition 'Stop the 16th March marches and Latvians revising history'  as of 19.01.2013 by accessing the link directly below:


(E petition for Uk residents now closed as of 19/01/2013 .  519 votes)

Recent Media Coverage  October 2012

1.    The Jewish Chronicle   'The Little European Problem Conservatives would prefer to forget' by Martin Bright, political editor for the JC
2.  The Spectator  'Taking Stock of Politics After The Conferences'  by Martin Bright, political editor for the JC

3.  Second Generation Forum 'Latvia's Nazi Nostalgia'  by Monica Lowenberg, initiator of petition 'Stop the 16th March marches and Latvians revising history'


EU- Real problem is not Latvia by Daniel Hannan  (British conservative MP) , 26 October 2012 published in the Jewish Chronicle and response by Monica Lowenberg published in The Jewish Chronicle, Letters section, 2 November 2012 'A Special Kind of Blindness',r:5,s:0,i:106

5. 'End of the World. And the Day After' by Monica Lowenberg, author of petition, 'HE Ambassador Asta Skaisgirytė Liauškienė, Lithuanian Ambassador London, UK: Abandon state sponsored Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Obfuscation'ė-liauškienė-lithuanian-ambassador-london-uk-abandon-state-sponsored-anti-semitism-and-holocaust-obfuscation

6.  Benjamin Abtan President of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement  open letter to Chancellor Merkel 'Europe: Democracy or Barbarism?' published in New Statesman  30.01.2013

7.  Cameron's Latvian Liaison, One Woman's Petition and One SS March by Monica Lowenberg published in Defending  15.03.2013

1“Latvian Center of Human Rights.” – Information about petitions and a collection of signatures to ban the march.

2. “IMHOCLUB” - Latvian Nazis damage a wreath dedicated to the victims of fascism

3. “DELFI” - Alexandre Guilmant: Why are there anti-fascists?

4. ‘” - Shocked at what he saw:  An American human rights activist speaks out

5. “IMHOCLUB” – A Latvian 21st Century Nazi Calendar is being sold in bookshops across the country!

6. “IMHOCLUB” - Gomberg Vs Alekseev, two speeches

7. “IMHOCLUB” - My purpose was to discredit the myth about “Freedom Fighters”

8. “MIXNEWS” - Anti-Fascists urge the Baltic States to think again

9. “MIXNEWS” - Incident at Milda: Supporters of Legionaries destroy and hide a wreath dedicated to the victims of Hitler’s Nazis (VIDEO)

10. “” - "Such a picture you won’t see anywhere in Europe!"  (Taken March, 2012)

11. “The Baltic Course” - Memorandum of the round table focusing on the problem of right-wing radicalism in the Baltics

12. “The Baltic Course” - Daugavas Vanagi: “On March 16 we will march in Riga”

13. “” - Latvia could have problems with membership in the European Union

14. “TVNET” - The Israeli press speaks negatively about Legionnaires’ day march (video included)

15. “” - Reactions from politicians and the public in response to the president of Latvia supporting fascists and the Legionnaires March in Riga

16. “The Baltic Course” - Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia: “The annual scenario on March 16 is unacceptable!”

17. “novonews” - International Human Rights Movement “A World Without Nazism”, urges companies to freeze business contacts with Latvia

18. “” - The Jewish parliament stands up against the parade of Legionnaires

19. “” - Anti-fascists will appeal to the court regarding the wreath spoiled at Milda.

20. “” - Only 2000 marchers and 1, 200 police, photographs of the 2012 march by Valery Yegorov.

21. “” - Another year, another march. Article about 2012’s Legionnaires’ March.

22. “” - Rasnacs says: “Tatyana Zhdanok MEP should have been arrested immediately at the Monument of Freedom, Riga.”

23. “” - Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff says the problem lies not in historical facts but how they are interpreted

24. “” - Article on western coverage of the Legionnaires’ Day March.

25. “” - Do you bow to executioners too?!  President states that we should bow our heads to the Waffen SS Latvian Legion. To declare them as criminals is nonsense!

26. “” - You yourself are the victims! : Blog post regarding the wreath placed to commemorate victims of Nazism that was subsequently destroyed by young Legionnaire fans

27. “ - Nazism under a microscope: a look into Nazism in Latvia today

28. “DELFI”Koren states: The president has forgotten about The Arajs Gang

29. “DELFI” - Anti-fascists are willing to sue the organisers of the march of the Legionnaires

30. “DELFI”- Video of the 16 March 2010 Legionnaires march 

31. “DELFI” - Shpigel: “Riga’s police supported neo-Nazis!”

32. “DELFI” - Aboltina urged ministers to not participate in the procession on March 16 2012

33. “DELFI” - Anti-fascists prepare for an international conference

34. “DELFI” - Anti-fascists: “Manifestations of Nazism are related to Russo phobia”

35. “DELFI” - On March 16: court allows anti-fascists to protest against march

36. “DELFI” - Actions on March 16: three people detained

37. “DELFI” - Deputies will discuss the historical significance of March 16

38. “DELFI” - Photo report of March 16, 2012, Riga

39. “DELFI” - War veterans urged to refrain from March 16th confrontation

40. “DELFI” - Dzintars: “March 16th—a day of national resistance and unity”

41. “DELFI” - The court allowed Freymanisa to carry out picket on March 16th

42. “DELFI” - Alexander Gilman: Why anti-fascists are necessary

43. “DELFI” - Actions passed on March 16 are surprisingly calm

44. “DELFI” - A 24 hour News feed regarding the procession of the Latvian Legionnaires, Riga, March/16/2012

45. “DELFI”The world without Nazism’: Latvia glorifies again the Legionnaires of the Waffen SS

46. “DELFI” - Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Creation of Legion — A Nazi Crime”

47. “DELFI” - Huffington Post: Nazis march in Europe again!

48.  “DELFI” - The ex-president urged ruling politicians to explain the importance of the March 16th march

49. “DELFI” - Ombudsman: “It is not necessary to forbid the March 16th march”

50. “” - Anti-fascists around the world are gathering signatures on the internet to prevent Legionnaires' march on March 16, Riga and neo-Nazis in Vilnius on March 11.

51. Newspaper “Vesty segodnya”

1. “petitions24” – International Petition against the 16 March Waffen SS marches

2. “direct gov” - Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history! [UK PETITION]

3.  ‘Stop The 16 March Marches in Riga.’ - Blog with all updates and plenty of information by Monica Lowenberg” – Monica Lowenberg's correspondence with the ambassador of Latvia

5.  “Global Post” (UK) - Waffen SS commemoration in Riga, Latvia by Michael Goldfarb

6. Global Post” (UK) –  Eastern Europe’s Hitler Nostalgia by Michael Goldfarb

7. “The New Statesman” (UK) - Why does Latvia still honor the Waffen-SS? By Dr Denis MacShane MP and open letter to Dr Denis MacShane by Monica Lowenberg

8.”AJR”  (UK) AJR Journal (Association of Jewish Refugees, UK), Volume 12, April 2012 page 4 'Latvia: A Personal March Through History' by Monica Lowenberg

9. “The Jewish Chronicle” (UK) - Calls to ban Baltic neo-Nazi marches by Emma Stock

10. “15min.It” (UK)- International petitions call to ban neo-Nazi marches in Latvia and Lithuania by Emma Stock

11. “The Harrow Times” (UK) Teacher fights to stop Latvian march that treats Nazi's like "heroes" by Anna Slater and Emma Stock

12.”This  Is Local London” (UK) Teacher fights to stop Latvian march that treats Nazi's like "heroes" by Anna Slater and Emma Stock

13. “The Daily Mail” (UK) Russia's fury after neighbor Latvia plans to hold rally to commemorate SS by Will Stewart

15.”The Guardian” (UK) by Gary Peach

16. “The Anglo-Baltic News” (UK) - UK collecting signatures against the Latvian Legionnaires’ March

17. “BBC” (UK) - Latvian Nazi unit veterans’ march 2010 and country profile of Latvia 2012

18. Reuters (USA/UK) – Pictures Wiesenthal Center director Zuroff attends protest against annual procession commemorating Latvian Waffen SS unit, the Legionnaires, in Riga.

19. “The Holocaust Educational Trust” (UK) - Monica Lowenberg writes on last month’s controversial march of Latvian SS veterans

20. “PCAA foundation” (UK) - Calls to ban the Baltic’s neo-Nazi marches

22. “Hope Not Hate” (UK) - Latvian PM and Ambassador condone Waffen-SS commemoration.

23. “” ‘What is March 16th?’ published by Latvia without Nazism by Monica Lowenberg and Joe Koren
24. - Heroes or villains? Latvian SS march angers Russians.

25. “The Huffington Post” (USA) - The Nazi Resurgence in Europe: The Waffen-SS Marches Again by Richard Brodsky

26. UPI - Inform Agency (USA) - Waffen SS veterans march in Riga

27. CBS News Agency (USA) – Latvians pay annual tribute to Waffen SS by Gary Peach

28. “The Algemeiner Journal” (USA) Latvia Still Honors the Biggest Jew-Killing Machine in World History

29. “Montreal Gazette” (Canada) - Latvian SS veterans’ march sparks anger by Patrick Lannin and Aleks Tapinsh, Reuters

30. “Israel National News” (Israel) - Nazi March proceeds in a generally ‘peaceful’ manner by Rachel Hirschfeld

31.  “Our Café” (Israel) - March of the Waffen SS Legion in Riga, shocked the world!

32. “Die Tageszeitung Junge Welt” (Germany) - SS-tribute by law? By Frank Brendle

33. “Baltische Rundschau” (Germany) - Veterans march ended without incident

34. “Suddeutsche Zeitung” (Germany) - Latvian SS veterans march through Riga

35. “Der Standard” (Germany) - Riga bans Waffen-SS  march

36. “Der Standard” (Germany) - High numbers march with the Waffen SS veterans

37. “Hamburger Abendblatt” (Germany) - Parade of veterans by Gerhard Gnauck

38.  “Frankfurter Allgemeine Politik” (Germany) - Veterans of the Waffen SS march in Riga

39. “” (Germany) - Latvian SS veterans march despite protest

40. “Spiegel” (Germany) - SS veterans march through Riga,1518,druck-821816,00.html

41. “Thoughts about Estonia. (blog)” (Germany) – Are the Veterans of the Waffen-SS freedom fighters?

42.Mein PolitikBlog” (Germany) - Day of collaborators

43. “De Telegraaf” (Holland) – The controversial memorial march in Latvia goes ahead

44. “France Press” (France) –material published in “European Jewish Press”

45. “inform agency  RFI” - (France) - March in memory of the Latvian Waffen SS Legion

46. “” (Belgium) - The march of the Latvian Waffen-SS

47. “” (Italy) - The "Waffen SS" show in Riga by Giovanni Bensi

48. “Marx21.It” (Italy) – In the General Assembly of the UN, U.S. and EU countries voted against a resolution tabled by Russia, which condemns the glorification of Nazism.

50. “Roma Solidarity News”News in English about European fascism and anti-Roma racism

51.European Center Against Racism”,%20eyewitness%20report/opinion%29” (Kazakhstan) - Pro-Nazi march in Riga took place under the slogan "No Nazis!”

53. “” (Ukraine) – Two Thousand people attend Legionnaires’ March

54. Information portal for Russian community in Estonia – Eye Witness states that the Neo Nazi march in Riga was one of the most disgusting spectacles he has witnessed in his life

56.  "The Guardian" (UK)- Comment  is Free  Open letter: we are all Greek Jews

Benjamin Abtan, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Elie Wiesel, Amélie Nothomb and others call on Europe to reject the extreme right

57. Jewish News (UK) -Shoah Denial is being replaced by an illusive and delusive evil by Dovid Katz Defending page 11 August 2012

Thousands pay tribute to Latvia's fallen Nazi troops

Tories' European allies back march despite protests by Jewish groups by Tony Patterson in Riga, 17 March 2010

59.  Latvia's far right: Inconvenient truths that the Tories ignore by Peter Beaumont The Guardian  Oct 3 2009
Eastern Europe's long-buried truths
The Tories' new rightwing European allies have provoked a debate over the second world war that is long overdue by Efraim Zuroff published in The Guardian 14 October, 2009

Tories will come to regret Euro allies

Michal Kaminski might support Israel, but so does Nick Griffin. The Polish chief rabbi's remarks do not exculpate him
by Denis MacShane  Guardian, 30 October 2009


 1. “Rossiskaya gazeta” - Who makes heroes of Nazis in Latvia?

 2.Itar-Tass” (ИТАР-ТАСС) - Moscow is offended at the Waffen SS veterans’ march in Riga

 3. “Russia Today- Riga hosts SS veteran march amid anti-fascist outcry! (With photos and videos)

4. RIA “News” РИА «Новости»- Waffen SS Veterans March in Riga

5. Nezavisimaya gazeta”«Независимая газета»- Waffen SS on the march again!

6. Inform agency «Regnum»

7. Site «»- On the glorification of Nazism in Latvia - Statement by the President of International human rights movementA world without Nazism’

8. Site of the international human rights movement «A world without Nazism»;

9. Newspaper “Kommersant”, «Коммерсант» Waffen SS Veterans march in Latvia on the 16 March 2012

10. INTERFAX,  «ИНТЕРФАКС» –"Rusichi", Orthodox news agency «Russian line»- "A world without Nazism" movement calls to freeze business contacts with Latvia due to the SS Legionnaires’ March;

11. Inform Agency “Rosbalt”,«Росбалт» ‘A World Without Nazism’: “Riga police supported the neo-Nazis!”

12. “Russian Observer”,«Русский Обозреватель» Facts and history regarding the Legionnaires’ Day March, Latvia

13. “NewsBalt” website: Latvian calendar which honors SS Legionnaires is released and in bookshops!

14. The first channel of Russia TV- Latvia’s Legion Remembrance Day goes ahead, despite national outcry!

15. PBK, РБК- SS Legionnaires' Day march in Riga angers Moscow’s Foreign Minister

16. Telecompany “Mir” «Мир»- Legionnaires’ Day march; Latvia is named a disgrace

17. Site «» online report from Legionnaires’ Day March in Riga, Latvia

YouTube-  A selection of the main clips


The laying of the wreath for the victims of Nazism by:
·         Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (Israel),  
·         Hermann Dvorzak, leader of the European Social Forum (Austria),  
·         Monica Lowenberg , British academic and initiator of the petition
'Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history' (UK),
·         Dovid Katz, ex-professor of the Vilnius University,
owner of (USA/Lithuania), 
·         Joel Rubinfeld, president of the European Jewish Parliament (Belgium), 
·         Joseph Koren, president of the association "Latvia without Nazism" (Latvia) 
·         Helmut Scholz, EP deputy (Germany), 
·         Tatjana Ždanoka (Tatyana Zhdanok), EP deputy (Latvia)

Two Latvian young men and two Latvian young girls desecrate the wreath to the
victims of Nazism (17 mins of footage)
VIEWS: 17,582
Joseph Koren, president of the association "Latvia without Nazism" (Latvia) and Dr Tatjana Ždanoka (Tatyana Zhdanok), EP deputy (Latvia) try to restore the wreath to the victims of Nazism and remove the Latvian SS plaque that was placed in front.
VIEWS: 316
 Joseph Koren, president of the association "Latvia without Nazism" (Latvia) Dr Tatjana Ždanoka (Tatyana Zhdanok), EP deputy (Latvia) are prevented by the Latvian police from removing the Latvian SS plaque that was placed over the wreath for the victims of Nazism.

VIEWS: 172
One of the powerful voices in the small counter-demonstration at last Friday's Waffen SS celebration in central Riga was Joel Rubinfeld, co-president of the European Jewish Parliament (Brussels). 'You are here to enforce the law!' Joel Rubinfeld tells a Latvian policeman. 
6. Defending
A reporter asks Joel Rubinfeld: "What's wrong?"
VIEWS: 381
25 minutes of coverage of the march which includes scenes showing the desecration of the wreath to the victims of Nazism; interviews with brave protesters including Janis Kuzins, (Latvia, Chairman of the Board for Associated Diversified Trade Unions); interviews with protester Kazimier Andrushkevich (Lithuania), Helmut Scholz, (Germany, MEP), Leonid Bard, (USA, America without Nazism); international round table discussion attended by the above demonstrators and including: Thilo Janssen, ( Germany, Assistant for Gabriele Zimmer MEP), Dr Valery Engel, (Latvia, Vice Chairman for World Without Nazism ,International Human Rights Movement), Artur Nevicky, ( Latvia, Chairman of Societies of National Minorities of Latvia), Algirdas Paleckis (Lithuania, Lithuania without Nazism), Masha Girshin (USA, Blue Card) and service given by Lutheran priest to SS veterans next to SS plaque and desecrated wreath to the victims of Nazism on the steps of the Monument of Freedom, central Riga, Latvia.

8.  Russia Today A British journalist gives in English a short summary of what March 16 is in Riga for Russian Today
VIEWS: 20,899

9. 'Have you read David Irving by the way?' asks a young Latvian man, (who claimed to be a lawyer), Monica Lowenberg and Algirdas Paleckis.
VIEWS: 140
A number of selected video clips from the march  
11. NRA.LV  ‘I am a European like you’ says Joel Rubinfeld…’The days of the Third Reich are over!’
VIEWS: 85,808

12. Mix TV-   A man plays ‘Farewell of Slavianka’ (by composer Vasily Agapkin) during Latvian Legion Remembrance Day
VIEWS: 58,010 Laying of flowers and unrest at  Freedom Monument, Riga, on Latvian Legion Remembrance Day (16 March 2012)
VIEWS: 12,592

14. Legionnaires' supporters cover wreath dedicated to “the victims of Nazism"
VIEWS: 8,637
15. PBK News- News report on Latvia Legionnaires March, 2012, from the anti-fascist camp
VIEWS: 10,793

16. Mix TV- Conflict between Tatyana Zhdanok MEP and Latvian youth at the Monument of Freedom, Riga, March 16, 2012
VIEWS: 5,370
17. NEWS REPORT: Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the SS Legionnaires march in Riga
VIEWS: 6,472
18. Jewish News One- Human rights and anti-fascist groups campaign against SS Legionnaires march in Riga
VIEWS: 4,181

19. PBK News: Legionnaires’ March: Once again the month of March marks Latvia with one of the most controversial events in an EU country. Members of parliament and clerics support SS march
VIEWS: 3,142
20. Glorifying Nazis is a travesty of justice and against EU rules’, says Monica Lowenberg to press
VIEWS: 2,664

21. 1TV.RU (News Report) - President of Latvia says we should ‘bow our heads’ to the Latvian Waffen SS
VIEWS: 1,608

22.  PBK News 
 Joel Rubinfeld, Efraim Zuroff and Monica Lowenberg speak to press on 15.03.2012

23.  Russia Today

Glyn Ford, UK Labour Party, Brussels states, 'Any government that ensorses this kind of action is cause for concern'.

VIEWS: 67,740

3. (Latvian calendar glorifying Latvian SS, a best seller in  2012, Latvia)

4. Photo account that shows at 11:35 a.m. Deputies of the Latvian Saeima (Parliament) from the ruling coalition, attending the march

5. Reuters

6. images

7. Telegraf (Riga) images

 Front cover news 24 and 25 February 2012

1. Feb 2012 by World Without Nazism-International Human Rights Movement Monitoring the social foundations of the revival of Nazi Sentiment, Xenophobia and Extremism

2.Report on Latvia by the ECRI (European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance)

In the framework of its statutory activities, ECRI conducts country-by-country monitoring work, which analyses the situation in each of the member States regarding racism and intolerance and draws up suggestions and proposals for dealing with the problems identified. In the report on Latvia published on February 21, 2012 ECRI expresses concern as regards the authorisation of certain public events to commemorate two incidents and the authorities’ reaction in this connection. As concerns the first incident, every year, on 16 March, a gathering commemorating soldiers who fought in a Latvian unit of the Waffen SS is held in the centre of Riga. In this connection, ECRI regrets that, in spring 2010, an administrative district court overruled a decision of the Riga City Council 27 prohibiting this march. Moreover, ECRI is concerned that the speaker of the Latvian Parliament allegedly publicly expressed regret for the formal prohibition of this event and that certain MPs have voted for the restoration of March 16 as day of remembrance.

3.Anti-Racism statement concerning Waffen SS  march 2012

4.Report by Dr Gregor Gysi of  Die Linke to the Bundestag 24.04.2012

5.  World Without Nazism- Waffen SS veterans are glorifed in Latvian Kindergartens

You can add your voice to the petition 'Stop the 16th March marches and Latvians revising history'  as of 19.01.2013 by accessing the link directly below:


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